If you are a beginner in the fitness industry

    Are You A Beginner - Stay Away From These Fitness Mistakes

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If you are a beginner in the fitness industry, you would possibly come across some of the beginners’ mistakes and is sure to goof up if not guided properly. It is obvious that anyone who is a starter will have lots and lots of dreams and aspirations to become fit and confident. This increased enthusiasm might sometimes make you to default; hence here are a few tips to keep you away from some of the commonest mistakes of beginners. 


  1. Don’t Over-Do:
  2. This is the basic mistake any beginner will definitely fall prey to. In an attempt to achieve their target soon, they tend you over train, which leads to most of the sports injuries.

    The only way to overcome this is to give some time. Understand that the body muscles and other components can be pressurized only gradually. Take your time and increase your efforts gradually.


  3. Lack of experience and expertise:
  4. When you are a beginner, you are sure to be an inexperienced person and this will definitely show its result on your productivity and can also prove to be dangerous sometimes. Trying out exercise without proper knowledge about the end results and consequences should be certainly avoided.

    The only fix to this problem is to consult a professional trainer, understand you physical body and its requirements. Take proper training and then if you feel you are capable of doing your own training, you can very well go ahead.


  5. Postponement:
  6. This is the usual excuse of lazy people according to me. If you have decided to start something on a particular time, you should by all manes try to start it at that time without any procrastination. Once if you start rescheduling your activities –“that right moment” would never come.

    To overcome this, the only way is never to schedule any activity and start the activity right then and there. Once you have started to start up with exercising, plan your day accordingly and stop taking rest between tasks. A small nap might extent to a daylong sleep. Beware.


  7. Boredom / Weariness:
  8. Boredom is one factor that will stick on to you if you choose an activity just for the sake of it. You might not really like doing a task but you might have started it just because of the urge to loose weight or staying fit. Such tasks will definitely lead to boredom.

    The only fix to this is to choose a workout plan according to your likes and preferences and even more fruitful will be to add a partner with you. This way you can avoid boredom and have an interesting workout session.


  9. Starting without a preset plan:
  10. You just rush to the gym at the very thought of anting to loose weight and there you go and stand still not knowing what to do. This is the common mistake an over enthusiast often does which you can know better from:read more.

    To get over this, try to work out on a preset plan and then try to execute it. Before you hit a gym, understand what your requirement is and then work out based on that.


  11. Inconsistency:
  12. A beginner will be very enthusiastic and driven to start with his fitness regime, but as time passes, he will gradually slow down and show inconsistency in his schedule. Exercise and physical fitness is a gradual process and one cannot expect to reap immediate benefits.

    It is never bad to exercise once in a while but be aware that such workouts will not bear immediate results. Only through a consistent workout regime, can one reach his desired target.


  13. Inconvenient and Inaccessible:
  14. This is an avoidable mistake that can be avoided in the first place. While choosing a mode of exercise or a place to exercise, the beginner should plan well and analyze if it is going to be practically possible and accessible.

    Be sure that you choose a gym or a fitness Centre in your closest vicinity to provide you comfort and easy accessibility.


  15. Lame Excuses:
  16. Excuses are one big holding back factor that interrupts and pulls one back from achieving his desired results. Excuses are the beginning stage of failure.

Always have in mind that excuses are going to ruin your whole pln. To avoid making excuses, select a proper fitness Centre that gives you reminders and also go in for an expensive fitness program, this will make you continue your classes at least for the sake of the amount you have paid.

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
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